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Volume Dove and
Quail Shooting
 in Serbia​​

3 days of shooting, 4 nights
2.200 USD / 1.900 EUR / 1.700 GBP
All inclusive trips.
Only extras: flights to Belgrade, cartridges and bar drinks.

We are offering for tems of 8 people in Serbia over 3 days 4 nights of volume dove and quail hunting trip chances to fire around 3000+ shells toward wild doves and quail.   
Season: 1 August to 30 Septrmber

The package costs 2.200 USD / 1.900 EUR / 1.700 GBP per each person
per trip and it includes the following:
- Serbian Hunting license
- Airport transfers and assistance with temporary importing of guns to Serbia
- 3 Mornings of Quail Shooting
- 3 Afternoons of Dove Shooting
- 4 Nights in an incredibly nice Single Room with all meals in a private Castle Kapetanovo.

The last night can be organised on request without extra charge in Belgrade Boutique Hotel Helvetia
 - 4x4 Transportation from the Castle Kapetanovo to the local shooting areas and back.
- Guides, pickers, dogs, refreshments.  

 What is NOT INCLUSIVE with this package:   
 - Temporary Import fees for sporting guns to Serbian Police at Belgrade Airport
(25 Euros per person)
- Ammunition (from 5.5 to 8.5 Euros per box of 25 shells - price is subject to led weight/24g trap shell is the cheapest while 32 grams is more expensive version, also UK size 9 for Quail is more expensive than size 7 for Doves. We provide possibility to purchase and use Serbian BELOM shells that are local RC on license) 
 - Bar Drinks
If you decide to rent guns locally and take on a low cost Airfare from London Luton to Belgrade with WIZZAIR.COM you will have to pay gun rental daily fees that reflect gun quality starting from 20 Euros per day for Yugoslav and Eastern Europeans/Russian Guns to 50 Euros per day for the top quality Italian semi automatic guns. If you wish to take your own guns it is advisable to purchase tickets to Belgrade with Air Serbia and also we prefer teams that bring their own guns. What can you expect from this trip: Around 3000+ shells among 8 people over 3 days of shooting for approximately 1500 birds. However, it is up to an individual if they choose to use 2 shells per 1 bird as typically expected on this challenging birds. 

Please let me know if you would like these particular dates or some other dates in August or early September maybe more convenient for you and I will see if we can accommodate your request. If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us.

Please also check our video on:
Afternoon Dove & Pigeon shooting in Serbia on this link
Morning Quail Hunting in Serbia on this link

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