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To begin with, there will always be money out there for businesses that can MAKE money even during recession and shrinking of the GDP data. Money has always been there, and it will always be there. This investment is created for you, your family and friends to enjoy life in the sun and when you are not there it can easily be rented. 
Luxury Sporting Lodge Apartments in Serbia are a revenue-based investment that will serve your interests in country sports well during the hunting season but also it will bring joy to your family and friends outside of the main hunting season. During the school holidays all the family can get together and enjoy hot Serbian summers with great food and local hospitality near a large swimming pool area. It would be advisable to rent the apartment when your family and friends are not using it. If the lodge apartment is rented out when not in use only, the investment will pay back in 10 years approximately depending on the number of days rented out.

You will have a complete ownership of your apartment each with a separate entrance. The lodge will have a commercial country style restaurant & bar centrally positioned that will also service people from the swimming pool area and apartments’ terraces. Each apartment will have 7.3m x 5 m and the total usable area will be 34.5 m 2 including a separate bathroom and a terrace with view of a large heated swimming pool during off season. Each apartment also will appreciate a unique private view from the bedrooms of sand dunes and a beautiful countryside.

The use of traditional materials like brick, traditional plates for roof and local timber will allow us to keep the costs down without compromising on the quality of this project. As a result, it will allow the apartments to be practical and efficient and fit to provide comfort all the year round. Additionally, due to a durable and timeless traditional country design of the Northern Serbian country farm house it will be pleasing to the eye.

Front side of the lodge will also provide stairways, an open fireplace - morning warm up area available for hunting party meetings and gathering areas suitable for traditional hunting morning breakfast with roast on the stick being smoked on the open fire before going out hunting. The front yard areas will also provide parking for residents and private bar and restaurant for guests. Four-by-fours pick up areas for collecting parties are designed in front of the main reception and stairways and can be overlooked from the lodge. These will serve well for those wishing to go out to experience various activity tours that this region offers including hunting in the local areas. The following hunting attractions are present at this time in some form and there are a lot of possibilities for further improvements for perspective investor:

Big European Red Deer Hunting
Driven Wild Boar Hunting
Driven Pheasant Shooting
Driven Partridge Shooting
Volume Dove Shooting
Volume Quail Shooting
Driven Duck Shooting
Roe Deer Stalking

All these hunting operations are local to the lodge location that is just outside of the Hungarian Village of Susara and all outdoor attractions can be accessed in 10 min to 25 minutes from this central position of the Lodge. This makes it ideal for country lovers, those enjoying retirement and entrepreneurs that would like to invest in some of the local operations such as: shooting, horseback riding, 4X4 adventure driving, goshawking, biking, cycling and bird watching. The Nature park next door is a 100 000 acres of wild unusual landscape that is not marketed particularly well and can be accessed in just over 1 hour from Belgrade. Additionally, the Belgrade Waterfront development is an investment of 4.5 billion Euros. The plan is for this development to be ongoing for the next 10 years. At this time, it is steadily progressing, and this project presents a perfect country location and outdoor weekend activity for its international residents as well as fun for kids and a wife that can enjoy sunbathing near to a swimming pool. Additionally, the residents from the city of Belgrade are keen to discover nearby places to escape for weekends enjoying stress free apartments with access to great organic local food. If we count private birthday parties, weddings, prom reunions and many other reasons to party in Serbia soon you will discover that this place, if marketed and priced properly, can be easily booked 60% of the time during the first year of use.

Development Stages
Estimated time of completion is early
November 2019

The costs for these apartments come in line of 1200 Euros per m2
of build-up area of each 34.5 m2 apartments as separate units. 

The building process is organised in stages and securing a stable funding and contract with reliable investor / lender for each separate unit is our focus at this time. We are now in final stages of raising monies by offering the first 12 available apartments at 48 600 Euros per each apartment as an investment that can be extended to a maximum of 24 apartments at any time in the future. The first 12 apartments will be finished over a period of 10 months and we are planning to put it on the marker by early November 2019.
The First stage of the hunting lodge apartments
must be finished by the end of February 2019.

During this stage we will accomplish the following:
- Purchase 2 existing buildings as base for the whole project.
- Organise a legal limited company that will hold 100% ownership of 12 parts units of 'Left Wing Lodge' that will go on sale as equal share of hotel business in relation to each individual apartment.
- There will be a separate company in charge of apartment lettings and restaurant, bar, swimming pool and bookings of other outdoor activities in the region of Deliblato Sands. This will be managed by professional management services experienced in international hospitality industry. They will market the local activities, let your apartments for you when you are not using them, and will also run 24/7 restaurant bar & swimming pool. The letting agency will operate and market the whole place and the local tourist attractions as well as employ local staff all the year around.
- Complete final building permits for the building refurbishment and change
of usage from private household to commercial - usage as tourist resort.
- Complete final design with detailed plans for all installations.
- Complete all environmental agency permits.
- Complete stronger electricity supply installations for commercial usage
next to building site.
- Complete stronger water supply next to building site.
- Complete waste and water drainage reservoir since this isolated village does not have
waste water system but reservoirs that need to be emptied from time to time.
- Sort out ground levelling of the whole area.
- Set the base for 12 sporting lodge apartments.

 The Second stage of the hunting lodge apartments must be
finished by the end of April 2019

During this stage we will accomplish following:
- Building of all outside walls from the solid traditional large brick.
- Building of all inside walls from single small brick.
- Building of under roof space.
- Completion of the main wooded roof construction.
- Finish with plates on the roof so that the building is protected from the outside weather.

The Third stage of the hunting lodge apartments must be
finished by the end of June 2019.

During this stage we will accomplish following:
- Install doors, windows and terrace door at the back.
- Complete water installations for the whole development.
- Complete waste water installations for the whole development.
- Complete electrical installations for the whole development.
- Complete internet, TV and Cable installations for the whole development.
- Complete telephone installations for the whole development.
- Complete heating installations for the whole development.

The Fourth stage of the hunting lodge apartments must be
finished by the end of August 2019.

During this stage we will accomplish following:
- Panelling (plasterboard) and plastering
- Installation of outside Insulation as well as roof Insulation.
- Finishing of the outside façade.
- Bathroom installations utilising Italian ceramics.
- Flooring of apartments with insulated hardwood flooring.

The fifth stage of the hunting lodge apartments must be
finished by the end of September 2019.

During this stage we will accomplish following:
- Finishing work on terrace spaces and gardens.
- Painting of all apartments and outside facades.
- Furniture and all kitchen installations for the Bar & Restaurant Areas.
- Final electrical installations.
- Install furniture including, beds, linens blankets upon investors
request for an additional fee.
- Install a flat TV in each room upon investor’s request for an additional fee.

By the 1st of October 2019 we aim to issue the owners with their apartments’ keys. We do need to allow additional 4 weeks for any unpredictable work that may need to be completed aiming to open the hunting lodge for the start of the hunting season on the 1st of November 2019. The owners will be able to use their properties from 1st of November 2019, which is a date to remember as a celebratory 'opening party' for all residents. We will put a great driven pheasant shooting day for all apartments’ owners on the 3rd of November 2019 with big a 600 birds day. Calculations for this project are based on our previous building experience with local and modern materials as well as our designer's calculations. Out team’s proven experience of building traditional style country houses in Serbia provide practicality and reasonable expectations for classic – modern countryside properties to meet outdoorsmen stile and expectations. We rely on the use of local materials and labour that are representative of the local Serbian culture utilising timeless designs and functionality. My ancestors used to live in this part of Serbia reaching more than 90 years of life expectancy in clear air, excellent water, organic food, stress free farming lifestyle and most importantly living in healthy houses made from natural materials. This is something special that many modern individuals would like to experience for at least a period of their life. Due to budget restrictions of 48 600 Euros per apartment everything apart from bathrooms that will be quite modern will be done using the local materials (brick, wood, local stone (including furniture that will be also be handmade from the local acacia wood if requested by investors) and will be complete with stylish finish and functionality.

These apartments are there to combine modern lifestyle with traditional buildings offering fast WI-Fi and drinking tap water of exceptional quality (from 350m underground springs that could supply the whole of Belgrade with drinking water). The lodge apartment investment will enable to access various outdoor activities all the year. During the second year we are planning the installation of a large swimming pool to attract more guests during hot summers. The Serbian tourism market is predicted to grow from 880 million Euros to 6. 2 billion Euros by the prediction of the World Tourist Organisation, which is more than 7 times over the period of the next 5 years. Very soon the property prices in areas approximately 60 miles away from Belgrade will double in price. Hence, right now is the right time to invest in such income-based property in Serbia. Additionally, there is plenty of space for everyone with a vision and a personal interest in country sports as well as: falconry, equestrian sports, clay shooting,4x4 adventure, biking, beauty & massage, spa and one day we plan to bring investors to develop a nearby golf course as well.

The hunting lodge is central to all these touristic opportunities and will represent a cornerstone for future tourism developments of this area of Deliblato Sands Nature Park. However, we must start somewhere, and you can take the first step by making your choice today to invest in this unique luxury property opportunity that will pay itself in 10 years once completed. It can be rented when not in use, for instance, 160 days per year for 30 Euros per night of clear revenue per each apartment inclusive of all service fees and will generate an average income of 4800 Euros per year that will pay for your investment in 10 years. At the end of the day you will consider this to be one of best choices you have ever made since places like these are hard to get on market nowadays. Additionally, I truly hope that you will not miss this opportunity to enjoy a relaxing swim in clear water that you can even drink from your tap as it comes from 350 meters under the sand and quality of water is regularly checked as part of local water company. Additionally, this opportunity can provide you with a base for your future retirement, relaxing country sports business opportunities in one of the Serbia’s most attractive Nature Reserves - Hunting District - Deliblatska Pescara - Village Susara. This village is proud to maintain one of the oldest water systems in Serbia. Wind powered water system designed by the Eiffel Studio in Paris (Yes, the same studio designed Eiffel Tower in Paris). The first water system in Susara Village was implemented in 1904 that is the whole 4 years before Paris used to benefit from the water system. Finally, this is your one in a life time opportunity to join others that have already expressed an interest in developing country sports operations and other tourist attractions in the past as you can see from pictures in this brochure that are all taken on locations inside of 15 miles from Kaizer Estates Hunting lodge location on Eastern side of Deliblato Sand Nature Park. To reserve your investment please call the general manager of this building project, Mr Bogdan Srejic, now on +447832100524 or e mail him on bogdan@lasarotta.co.uk.


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