Season (01 August - 31 December)

Balkan Chamois stalking is organised in Central Serbia and Bosnia and we are proud of exceptionally big trophies that we can offer in Djerdap National Park and Tara National Park. Alpine Chamois stalking we are organising in Slovenia. Alpine Chamois is much more affordable hunt with lower trophies available in October and it is completely different trophy animal compared with Balkan Chamois Hunting in Serbia that is much more difficult hunt and trophies are of the high quality.

Chamois hunts in Serbia are the best deal available in October but since this is very demanding hunt we recommend at least 4 days of hunting 5 nights to reserve for Serbia and even older hunters that cannot move fast can get in position to have 1 chance to shoot in a day. We work only with 3 National Parks that are able to provide very high trophy quality and very high level of service to our customers.

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