Marble Trout fishing in Slovenia

Fishing in Slovenia is ideal due to the crystal clear alpine rivers full of marbled trout, grayling, brown trout, brook and rainbow trout. Our main fly-fishing waters in Slovenia are the following rivers: Soca, Krka, Radovna, Unica, Sava Bohinjka, Lepenja, Isica. Marble trout fly-fishing in Slovenia on Soca River is one of most memorable experiences for many of our guests.

Danube Salmon fishing in Slovenia, Bosnia and Serbia

We have 3 main destination in Balkans on Danube Salmon fishing and first is Sava Bohinka in Slovenia, The second are rivers Vrbas and Una in North West Bosnia and the third is River Drina in Serbia.

North West Bosnia provide unique Danube Salmon fishing on Vrbas and Una rivers. It is only 2h from Zagreb Airport . Vrbas river is sources of clean and crystal-clear water with great volume needed for very big Danube Salmon. Danube Salmon in this area gets up to around 115 cm or 16 kg.

The biggest recent Danube salmon was caught on river Drina in Serbia near Bajina Basta and it was 24 kg fish with many other big Danube Salmon being caught on Drina River by the experienced teams.

Danube Salmon long term partnership or investment opportunity in Serbia

South West Serbia around town of Bajina Basta represents main reproduction centre based on genetics of some of the biggest Danube Salmon ever caught in the world of 24 kg. Reproduction centre was established for 6 years by now and over 6 000 fish was produced and realised to Drina River during that time but we are soon running out of funds and we need at least to carry on for the next 4 years period. The Hucho Hucho reproduction centre as part of big fishery on Perucac river near Bajina Basta needs to be funded over the next 4 years with at least £272 800 (£68 200 per each calendar year) in order to produce long term security and exclusive long term fishing rights to investor on 15 km of river Drina around Bajina Basta. This is unique opportunity to invest in unique project that will increase numbers of Danube Salmon in its natural environment - Drina River Our work so far is proven great success with 4 highly trained Serbian scientist specialised in this difficult reproduction technology and our results show that we have team of young world experts in this area as main leading force for secure future of Danube Salmon. However, raising new funds for this mighty fish is difficult and this way we would like to invite perspective sponsors and investors to join forces so we can save Danube Salmon in Serbia that apart from Slovenia is only country that is putting efforts in conservation of the biggest and the rarest salmon in the world.