Legal & Terms

Once you sign contract with us for accepting our fees for our services we will take you as our client around the region to show you few different hunting estates that are in the line with your expressed interest. We will be next to you to guide you until you chose particular hunting estate. Flat fee for our services from the point of taking you on the trip to show you around before you chose particular estate until 30 days before we have lease contract agreed on your behalf ready to be granted to you by the government is 6000 GBP and it can take from 7 days up to 6 months for you to find what you want and we will not push you toward any particular deal that you do not feel comfortable with but you will have to make up your mind within 6 months.

If it takes you longer than 6 months to make up your mind other 6000 GBP fees will apply in the case the purchasing process is prolonged by you. We are certain that in the first 10 days of our 'lease hunting trip' you will find sporting property or hunting estate that you will like to focus on so we can move forward to the next stage of sorting paperwork and negotiating the lease contract on your behalf so you can win the lease. After you chose particular estate that you would like to focus you need to be very open with all of your future plans so we can understand all of your needs for utilising particular hunting land.

In this second stage of negotiating process you will be assisted of member of our legal team that is experienced lawyer and keen hunter as your representative to negotiate on your behalf all terms and conditions directly with Serbian Government the making the lease contract attractive and acceptable to you to invest long term your capital securely in Serbian Hunting Industry. It will take from 3 weeks to 6 months in order to win for you good 20 or 30 years contract over hunting lease on particular hunting areas. 30 days before long lease agreement is prepared to be granted to you by government of Serbia our lawyers will inform you of progress and they will send you final Invoice for their legal services that are based on fix fee of 8 Euros per ha of hunting land (for example for 4000 ha of hunting land fees for negotiating for your interest favourite lease contract will be 8 Euros x 4000ha, total of 32 000 Euros + already paid deposits of 6000 GBP for Lasarotta ltd Services) is a cost of wining very good lease contract straight from the government of Serbia. Alternatively you can purchase Croatian hunting company that has the lease contract on particular hunting land from Croatia from private owner but it is couple of times more expensive then when you invest in winning the contract straight from the government like it is one in a life time chance now in Serbia and opportunity not to be missed right now.

In the case of investing in private and government farming land purchasing operation the process is the same and the fees are the same but for setting Arable Limited Company on the top of everything you will need to purchase min 10 ha of Serbian Arable land before you Register your Agricultural Limited company in Serbia. Our service is unique since you will have privilege of us purchasing for you interest local price of 4900- 5900 Euros per ha of Serbian arable land (class 4 and 5). Also we can offer you plots of building permit land where you can build your own hunting & country style lodge or spa with EU pre agreement funds as great investment opportunities in Serbian country & eco - ethno tourism that will cover 80% of all of your luxury lodge building cost