• • •

A great trip to Croatia with Lasarotta and three superb days hunting. Plenty of boar and real safe shooting with excellent hospitality and a team that were dedicated to the success of everyone in our party. I would recommend the experience to anyone.

Adrian Patterson

• • •

Hi Bogdan,

Hope you and Gaby are ok, we are all good here. Thank you a lot for organising perfect driven wild boat trip last November for our party. Only four more weeks to our hunting trip this year. Can you ask Vanja to get me a box of 180 grain 30-06 ammunition. This will save me expense of taking another bag to put ammo in. I will just take rifle plus hand luggage. Talk soon.

Robert Edwards

• • •

What wonderful time my team had in Serbia shooting European Wild Quail and Doves. It was an awesome experience for our group. Thank you Bogdan and all the best to Sacha and rest of your team.

Mark Rogers , Texas

• • •

I have shot with Lasarotta Ltd for the last three seasons, sometimes firing 20 shots per day, these pigs are fast and very cunning. There are some easy shots and a lot of close contact shooting, one can hear a sounding of pigs a few yards away and never see one. There are guns that consistently shoot a lot of pigs, they have the right equipment and know how to use it, other guns seem to hit a lot of trees or get over excited. We shoot over all types of cover, from open hilly beech forests too marshy scrub where the pigs clear flooded ditches in one bound, can’t wait till the next season.

Robert Chadwick

• • •

I am quite happy to talk to Mr. Fox or anybody else that ask for references about your volume driven wild boar trips. Please give him my telephone numbers: ... Thank you for your concern about my knee, It has now got a lot better, so I don't think I will be needing the Serbia medical treatment.


Hugh Doel

• • •

Quality wild boar shooting with Lasarotta in Croatia and Serbia. Packages tailored to suit your individual needs. Excellent value and the highest professional standards. References with pleasure. Superb sport, great food and good service. I unhesitatingly recommend Bogdan Srejic and Lasarotta. Probably the best value boar shooting available.

Michael Yardley

• • •

Hi Bogdan, Hope you are ok. I had a brilliant couple of days in Croatia with you. I trust everything is going well with my trophy. If you would still like me to be involved in writing an article for the shooting press then perhaps you could let me know as I am more than willing to help you with a good write up. I hope to hear from you soon and again many thanks for an excellent trip.

Gerry Meredith

• • •

My first ever wild boar was a big animal 17.5cm tusks taken with Lasarotta in Serbia made a grand Trophy Head. I shoot two good boar in Croatia. It was the first class driven wild boar trip. I was really impressed with first two trips so I have booked again for November. Hope to be lucky again.

Joe Corbin

• • •

As a fairly novice driven boar hunter, but very experienced stalker and all round shooter, I enjoyed my first trip to Croatia as much as any. Lasarotta put on three days of driven boar shooting in both enclosed and open areas. As per the norm, it is not usual to get both quality and quantity, but personally I'd much rather shoot a good, wild pig than several fenced in pigs!! Our group bagged 27No. boar during the trip, 2No. of which were to my rifle, including a 180kg bronze medal Keiler with my first ever shot at a boar. Naturally I was delighted with this and my sincere thanks go to Lasarotta's organiser, Bogdan, and all the people in Croatia who made this possible.

Mark Boulton