Sporting Properties

Lasarotta hunting offers an exclusive selection of prime inland sporting estates, hunting lodges, castles, country houses, hunting log cabins and manor houses with plenty of arable and shooting land. We also offer hunting leases on some of the most beautiful and breathtaking islands in Croatia and beautiful ski resort mountains of Bosnia, Serbia and Montenegro where we are offering building permission land and investing in luxury villas and hotels projects that are owned mostly by private individuals and in some cases government. If you are looking for one in a life time opportunity to get hold of hunting lease on very big area of forestry land the best investment in the next 30 years will be purchasing privatisation).

If you are looking to purchase a driven wild boar hunting estate and build your own hunting cabin, small country house or invest in 500 ha of first class arable land in South East Europe, please do not hesitate to contact us.

With our extensive contacts and affordable fees of 4% of total investment we can tailor your request and negotiate on your behalf LOCAL PRICE for the most interesting country properties available in the attractive Balkan's region. We believe our experience, reputation and references make our service exceptional in this field and this part of Europe.