Season (15 October -15 November; 15 March -15 April)

We are able to organize European Brown Bear hunting in the mountain region of ‘Gorski Kotar’ and ‘Lika’ in the heart of Croatia and in Carpathian mountains in Romania (close to border with Serbia) . The bear population is very stable and we have access to tickets to allow hunting of a limited number mature Brown bears (up to 400 CIC points, each European Brown bear is charged £6000). Hunters are hunting bear in the evening and over moonlight in very comfortable enclosed high specially designed for those purposes.

Bear is observed few weeks before guest arrive to make sure bear is appearing regularly on feeding areas and hunt is easy on cold weather, full moon or on the snow when there is no much food around. Accurate shooting is vital and the bear can only be taken when approved by the gamekeeper as a wounded bear is a great risk and cannot be followed during the night but often will be retrieved the next day.

The Bear population in Croatia and Romania is dramatically increasing and bears often cause much damage to local farmers. Right now is it is possible to get bargain price for the Gold medal brown bear trophy in both countries since population is booming for the last 10 years.

For Gold Medal Broun Bear hunt (400 + CIC) trophy fees you will have to plan budget of £8000.

Organizing of bear hunt is £1500 over 4 days 5 nights in Croatia or Romania for trophies up to 400 CIC points . For bear over 400 CIC points organisational charge is £2000 over 4 days 5 nights for Bear Hunting in Romania that is famous for the biggest trophies of European Brown Bears (We are using Belgrade Airport in Serbia for travelling to Romania since only few air carriers are flying rifles to Timisoara Airport in Romania and the Best bear areas in Romania are 3h South East from Timisoara and 4h east From Belgrade while in Croatia most of Bear Hunting areas are on less than 2.5h from Zagreb Airport).