Season (15 October -01 December; 15 March -01 May)

We are able to organize European Brown Bear hunting in the mountain region of Gorski Kotar and Lika in the heart of Croatia. The bear population is very stable and we have access to tickets to allow hunting of a limited number mature Gold Medal European Brown Bears (over 300 CIC points, each European Brown bear is charged flat fee of 7000 GBP). Hunters are hunting bear in the evening and over moonlight in very comfortable 'en suite' enclosed high seats specially designed for those purposes.

Bears are observed few weeks before guest arrive to make sure bear is appearing regularly on feeding areas and hunt is 90% guaranted. Accurate shooting is vital and the bear can only be taken when clear shot is approved by the gamekeeper as a wounded bear is a great risk and cannot be safetly followed during the night but often will be retrieved the next day.

The Bear population in Croatia is dramatically increasing while now Croatia is only country in Europe with Sustainable European Brown Bear Management Plan with strict anual quotas and CITAS export papers.

Organizing of bear hunt over 4 days 5 nights in comfortable 4* hotel with seaview and great food and vine and local entertaiment in portal town of Senj. Flying rifles to Zagreb Airport is easy and CITAS export papers are no problem for trophies to be sent outside of Croatia. Airport transfer is less than 2h from Zagreb Airport to Hotel Libra in Senj. We need 50% deposits at least 6 months in advance to reserve this hunt. This Hunt is easy to combine with Mouflon Stalking at Adriatic ... Dinaric Chamoise.. or Dalmatian Sheep hunt all on 30 to km from Senj. We will look forward to meeting you soon in Croatia. Lasarotta Team