Central and Eastern Croatia

Croatia has an enormous potential for quality driven boar parties where some established estates can provide up to 50 wild boar per driven day per group of up to 25 guns. Completely wild trophies with more opportunities to shoot wild boar per driven day than anywhere else in Europe endorse many of the Croatian shoots as the best-established European estates for driven boar.

You will be genuinely delighted with the quality of shooting and fly-fishing that this region provides. Croatia is a country of breathtaking hills and waterfalls with an untouched environment abounding with completely wild animal species. Driven boar, bear stalking, partridge shooting, Walked up quail, chamois and mouflon ram stalking are some of the most interesting programs for experienced sportsmen from the UK. The international airport in the capital Zagreb has good connections with motorways and so we are able to provide fast transfers to most of the estates.

Southern Croatia and Croatian Islands

The best indication of well managed habitat in this part of Croatia is the fact that after 50 years of hosting shooting and fishing holidays for experienced sportsmen from all over the world, this region still provides valuable trophies and a stable population of game. It is still safe to drink the water from most rivers and lakes were Lasarotta organise fly-fishing. Walked up partridge, chamois and mouflon stalking create lifelong memories in the region where mountains meet the clear Adriatic Sea. There are four international airports situated within an area far smaller than Scotland.


Slovenia is characterised by hardworking people who are able to provide excellent shooting breaks in beautiful Alps with a high degree of natural diversity. Alpine and Mediterranean climates are present in an area no bigger than Cornwall. Forests cover 54 percent of the surface area and dominate as much as three-quarters of the landscape. For an experienced hunter visiting Slovenia, chamois and bear stalking are our most interesting quarries. At the same time many other attractions for visitors are available in the country that is proud of its natural beauty and people that are able to professionally manage these priceless assets.

Northern Serbia

This region of Serbia is celebrated for its world famous red deer and wild boar trophies, Driven wild boar and Wildfowling by the river Danube. The largest sand based district in Europe, the ‘green desert’, is located 60 miles north east of Belgrade. This region contains old forests, valleys, rivers and lakes that provide a natural environment for breeding valuable wild boar and red deer trophies.

One of our estates in Northern Serbia, with fifty years of experience in providing trophies, has registered some superb records including a 242 (CIC) points mouflon ram. The same shoot has a record of 210 points for fallow buck, 419 points for white tailed deer, 232 points for marsh deer and 137 points for wild boar.

Bird shooting is another famous attraction in Northern Serbia. Walked up quail, duck and goose shooting are the most productive activities for shooting completely wild birds.

People in this region are very friendly and open toward visitors. In some towns in Northern Serbia there are over 34 nations from all over the Europe that have been living peacefully together for the last 600 years. This region is the best example of democracy in this part of the world. The International Belgrade Airport provides fast access to most of our estates in Northern Serbia. If you prefer to hire guns locally, however, you can also use low cost airlines (they do not carry firearms) and fly to Budapest airport.

Western Bulgaria

Bulgaria is the country that has lately become more and more popular with its Black Sea property developments and skiing holidays on the Balkan Mountain. We work with three estates in Western Bulgaria close to the airport in the capital Sofia. This part of Bulgaria has mountains with amazing natural beauty and excellent diversity of quarry species. We recommend boar stalking in Bulgaria during the winter months when we are guaranteed snow and it is possible to successfully mix and match stalking with skiing.


Macedonia is a small country situated among mountainous terrain with breathtaking landscapes and beautiful flora along the river Vardar. The game includes red deer, fallow deer, roe, mouflon, chamois, ibex, wild boar and bear.  The lower parts of the hunting areas, along the river basins are abounding with various types of partridge, quail, pheasant and hare. A lot of streams and various types of forest divide the landscape. Macedonia is the country that can provide chamois and ibex stalking on its mountains and wild boar in the lowland. We would like to invite you to stalk chamois in Macedonia as they have great trophies. The International airport in the capital Skopje has fast connections with most shooting sites.