NEWS: Take part in privatisation of Government Forestry Hunting Estates in Serbia

STARTS from 1 January 2018

Since June 2008 we are helping different investors to purchase hunting estates in Croatia and recommending trustworthy local gamekeepers but definitely In 2017 we will harvest our 10 years of lobbing activity in order to present to foreign investors opportunities that are given to keen hunters in privatisation of Serbian Government Foresters. Lessons where made in privatisation of Croatian Hunting Estates 20 years ago and it this privatisation will not be done through public auctions but with direct negotiation of all terms & conditions to suite foreign investors requests making Serbian forestry hunting land lease very attractive investment. Hunting lease contracts in Serbia are designed to be competitive to any alternative offers in Europe and the most competitive surrounding countries Like Hungary and Romania.

Even thought public auctions will be avoided this time, Foreign Investors will be offered first choice to visit and chose areas that they like and express interest in investing in particular hunting areas or deciding not to invest in Serbia. Our job is to show you different hunting areas so you can focust on those that are of your particular interest, sort all paperwork needed and make agreement possible between you as potential investor and Serbian Government so long term lease contract can be ready to be signed and particular virgin hunting areas that where exclusive in the past only to government now will be offered to private investors from all over the world as part of developing Serbian Hunting Truism Industry. Apart from our service with finding your perfect hunting estate and sorting out all papers and negotiating hunting leases agreements with governments on behalf of our clients we will also help with you with our team of lawyers that are also keen hunters. They will help also in process of registering your hunting company as your legal local interest and the first step in winning long term hunting lease.